Loving Jay.

Hey guys,

HOT …. Just want to get that out right now. If you’ve read this book you totally understand and if you haven’t you HAVE to get on it this minute. !!!!!

Billionaire’s Secret: Trusting Jay (Loving Jay #1) by Simone Sowood

Loved it. From the very first page it has you hooked. You fall deep into this book.

The book centers around Abbie and Jay and there ‘romance’. This book had it all for me. Wasn’t a moment of disappointment it was filled with the exact right amount of sex, romance and secrets.

Some of them sex scenes, *fan myself moment*.  I feel like my words wont give this book the justice it deserves. If your looking for a sexy romance then this is 110% the book for you. Plenty of swoon moments but still a dark edge to it. Not your everyday hearts and flowers kinda romance. Dirty bars, swanky hotel rooms and good old fashion bedroom sexy time is involved.

I cant say much else without giving much away but please please please read it. I’m even reading the second book tonight in bed and I have a huge pile of half read books to get too. I’m betting its going to be worth it.

Get it, Read it and Love it !!!

Huge Love xxxx



Mini Break

Hey guys,

Hope the weekend treated you well and Monday wasn’t to harsh.

So I’ve been working over time at work for a few weeks now but this week its back to my normal hours (yay) which means lots more time to read, this makes me very happy. I’m actually not back at work till Thursday so It’s kinda like a small holiday for me.

Being really busy these last few months has effected my reading (booo) but really hoping I can get back into the swing of things. I manged to complete 2 books over the weekend. The one I’m reviewing today is a brand new book/author for me so was pleasantly joyed reading this.

Lucuis: The Fallen (Book 1) by Tara S. Wood.

This is what attracted me to read this.

“Six angels once sat at the right hand of The Almighty, but an ill-fated decision cast them out of Heaven. Now they serve Him on Earth, slaying demons for their redemption. They are…The Fallen.”

Now …. who doesn’t want to read books based on that juicy ‘blurb’.

If I’m honest it did take me a little while to grasp onto it. It got right into the action, characters, setting etc and I kinda got a little lost in the beginning but quickly got stuck in. Lots of Characters, personalities, sexy guys, sassy girls, hotness, excitement, twist and turns, darkness, quite erotic in places, ups and downs, thrills, danger, drama, romance, sweetness and I giggled a bit too.

It has it all really. Easily grips you. You have this need to keep reading to find out what happens. Honestly just an all round easy and good read. If was rating it would give 3.5/5.

So if you haven’t already read this book (why not !!) please do.

Not a huge review I’m afraid today guys. Was just a good read, simple as that.

Huge love xxxxx




Kingdom Series Book 1-3

Hey guys,

I’ve been busy with either working, reading, cleaning or everyday life this week but today I have a MUST READ to talk about. I did actually read these 3 books by Marie Hall a few years back ( it was ‘insta love’) and really was in the mood to read them again as a few weeks back it was my birthday and as a gift from my boyfriend he got me the new, Alice Through the Looking Glass on blu-ray and it made me thing of the first book in this series and how much I loved it soooooo .. I downloaded it again on kindle earlier in the week and got reading.

Book 1 – Her Mad Hatter.

With that title you should have guessed what its based on. Yep, you got it. Alice and Hatter. I fell instantly in love with this version. Every little detail is perfection. Its grips onto you from page one and doesn’t let go the whole way through. Real turn pager. In fact I loved it more the second time round. (always think you read/see more the second time of reading a book) Sometimes when i’m reading and I love the book I feel like I rush read it, still take it all in but have to finish it to find out the ending quicker. Hehe. This book has beauty, grace, insanity, laughter, sadness, tear jerking bits, love, sexy guys and wonderful heroine. Alice isn’t your typical Alice (read it to understand) and Hatter is swoon worthy. The world in which this is based on sounds amazing and I want to live in it. (with Hatter of course) Honestly read it, enjoy it, fall for it and LOVE it.

Book 2 – Gerard’s Beauty.

This is kinda based on Beauty and beast (apparently)  with a whole new and different twist. It’s not that I didn’t enjoy this book I did but I have a soft spot for book 1 (and 3 ) so my vibe comes down a bit for this book. Still good and its jammed packed with funny bits, excitement, love, thrills, sadness and a hot french guy. This is the Love story of Gerard and Betty (who I very much enjoyed reading about ). Gerard is a bit of a sex scoundrel and got caught in bad way. He gets sent to Betty and she sorts him out, kinda. (in a way). Again, please read it and I hope you thoroughly enjoy it like I did.

Book 3 – Red and Her Wolf.

Again, it says it all in the title. This is based on Little Red Riding Hood. Again, I LOVE this book. Its quite a dark tale not your every day happy go lucky Love story. Ewan and Violet I think are so well matched. Both personalities are dark and dangerous. I love that it pushes the boundaries more then the previous two. Its filled with twist and turns, excitement, darkness, hate, light, love and two very head strung main characters. Without giving away to much of the story, its about there journey together and Violets growth as a person and a women. Read it, read it, read it !! and love it.

I will be continuing on to read more (for the first time) and I cant wait to discover what wonderful tales are inside.

Huge love guys. xxx



Hey guys,

Hope you had a great weekend and didn’t get them Monday blues today.

Just letting you know I’ve not read anything yesterday as I went for a lovely long walk with my partner and friends and today turned into a Charmed marathon, so no updates I’m afraid. Currently about 3/4 of the way through The Darkest Kiss, so will review probably tomorrow when I get around to finishing unless Charmed distracts me again.

Huge love xxx


Lords of the Underworld Series

Hey Guys,

Last few days our internet has been down (booo) so wasn’t able to do any reviews but we are back up and running so today’s review is for the God herself Gena Showalter .

I’ve started Lords of the Underworld series again. I have read them before but I needed me some hunky guys with the touch only Gena puts in her books. Unless you’ve been living under a rock yourself you must have read these books.  If not, WHAT !!!!, please pretty please read them.

So book one is mostly the story of Maddox and Ashlyn, with the introduction of the other peeps. Its your bad guys vs sexy good (mostly good) guys with romance along the way.

You will NEVER hear me say a bad word about Gena’s books (hehe). I instantly fell in love with her writing, story lines, characters, covers and everything else involved. You will also NEVER hear me say a bad thing about this series. I’m that in love with these guys I tattooed the ‘butterfly’ on the covers of the books on my leg. This book opened a whole new world for me and what a beautiful place to be.

Maddox and Ashlyn compliment each other so well. I was totally with them through the ups and downs of this book. I like how its not ‘all about them’ and we get to meet the other ‘Lords’ and I like how its not all from one persons perspective. If you want a book full of action, excitement, romance, sex, bad guys and good guys, powers, girl with attitude but just as gentle, protective guys, supernatural, fighting and *swoon* moments then this has it all. Its an ‘insta’ love kinda book and you WILL want to read the next one and the next one etc. It’s pulls you in straight away.

Without giving up to much information, just read it if you haven’t already and if you have re read !!! 11/10 for this book.

My Gena shelf (2 large shelves) continue to grow. One of my top 10 authors, I LOVE LOVE LOVE her ! Check out her other books just as good.

Huge love guys xxx



Been far far far to long!!

Hey guys,

To start, It’s been soooooo long since I wrote my last review. Weeks ago in fact. Honestly, I’ve been in a weird rut. I’ve mostly been re-reading from my book collection. I now have a GIANT list of books to read (it’s soooooo big and yes I still continue to buy more). I’ve had this thought in my head for weeks that because i’m re-reading them I cant review then again as such as it’s kinda cheating ( I have a lot of reviews on goodreads before I started this blog) but as my boyfriend pointed out, you don’t know about my goodreads account (if you even read my reviews) so you wouldn’t know my opinions. So it’s back to reading a book a day and my review (whether its a new or old book) . On that note ……

It’s actually a new book today that I’m reviewing, and ohh  *SIGH* what a book it is.

I purchased it on my kindle around dinnertime and finished it all in one go. Didn’t move out my chair unless it was to refill my coffee cup.

The Book :

Eleventh Grave in Moonlight (Charley Davidson #11) by Darynda Jones


I LOVED this book. Everything in or about it. I love her, I love this series, I love the covers and I LOVE the characters. Instantly fell in love with book one and have continued to love every single book. !!!!!!! I want this series to never end. It has everything you need. Comedy, drama, love, danger, excitement, twist and turns, laughs, tears, VERY hot guys and a kick ass heroine.

The book continues on from the others, so id advise to read the other 10 first (trust me you’ll love them) and the little novellas in between as they are just as juicy.

As usual I don’t like to give out the ‘blurb’ or much of the story line ( I want you to go read, explore and found out about it yourself) but please believe me when i say its jammed packed of action, sexy ( fan yourself ) moments, thrills and excitement. Never a dull moment in Charleys’ life.  And Reyes *SIGH* …. what a guy ( yum).

So please please please read this and the other books (she has written another series  ‘Darklight’ that’s also amazing).

By gosh shes did it again 11/10 🙂

Thanks guys, enjoy reading.

Huge love xxx




Ace (Las Vegas Bad Boys #1) review.

On this lovely frosty morning, I have my coffee in hand and slippers on my feet. Up and ready to review today’s book which is Ace by Frankie Love. Will be short and sweet.

This was the second book I read by Frankie Love. The first one I liked but wasn’t a huge fan of (sorry 😦 !! ) but this book I LOVED.!!!!!!!!!

Jammed full of action, drama, bad boys, sexy men, suspense, attitude, grit, romance, sex, twist and turns. I couldn’t put it down. Gripped me from the very beginning. Yes I have already finished the second book (will review at later date). Its sooo good. If you love a bad boy romance this is definitely the book for you. Rich sexy guy, set in Las Vegas, owns his own hotel and has his pick of women each night, it just so happens, Emmy the hot waitress works at his place. Can you guess what happens (yes includes lots of sex). I would highly recommend this book. Check out Frankie Love and her Bad boys !!!

Huge love xxxxx