So this is my first post. Yes !! crazy nervous of getting this so wrong and making a right embarrassment of myself but also super excited to let you see how my reading brain works. If you haven’t seen or guessed what this is all about, let me tell you whats going on….

So a few years ago, I was bored, frustrated and wanted a new adventure/hobby. I hadn’t taken a huge interest in books before I was more a movie kinda girl but it was around the time the whole Twilight film fad came out, so like everyone else I went out and brought the twilight books and fell in love … the rest as they say is history.

From then on I found a whole new world filled with wonderful stories and beautiful characters. I’ve always had an interest in the fantasy world. I grew up watching TV and films on vampires, werewolves, fairies and lots of other wonderful creatures so I just continued from there. I instantly fell in love with many authors like P.C. Cast, Keri Arthur, Rachel Caine, Stacia Kane, M. Leighton, Karen Chance, Patricia Briggs and so many more. I will say that my all time favourite will ALWAYS be Gena Showalter. I have read and re-read her books and they fascinate me more and more every time I pick them up. Beautifully written and fulfilling. So anyways (enough gushing over Gena) I have been lucky enough to have read MANY books and will continue to read and grow my book collection (starting to actually struggle to find places to put them hehe).

Over the years friends and family have asked me my opinion on certain books. If I’ve read them and whats my take on things. I’ve always been honest but I will never actually tell someone to not read a book purely because everyone’s mind works differently and just because I like/dislike a book doesn’t mean they will. And so basically I want to do the same for you. I will write my honest review/thoughts on books and let you take it from there however you want to.

All authors (big or small) in my opinion are amazing people to create there own worlds. To fill our imaginations with sensational characters, fact or fictional universes and a place to escape too when or if needed is something so beautiful to me. I still get butterflies when I open a new book whether its on paper or kindle. I’m addicted to the rush I get when I finish a book. I hate leaving the house (whatever the occasion) without some kind of reading material. Clearly I’m a book addict and I’m not even a little sorry for it.  🙂

I hope your still with me here, I promise I have nearly finished my first post !! (lots more to come). I just wanted to introduce me to you and give you a little back story to why I’ve started this blog. I need to get my words out there in some way. I feel passionately that reviews can help others (not just myself) on finding new authors or promoting them. Simply, I LOVE books and I hope you do/will too.

Thank you for reading my first post (I’m hoping you’ll stick with me and read the rest) !! recommendations are always welcome !! Peace out and huge love to you all xxx



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