Custom Culture series review

Hey guys,

So I’ve just finished reading Custom Culture series by Tess Oliver which include 5 books. Freefall, Clutch, Dray, Rett and Nix & Scotlyn: The Wedding.

I have read a few books by Tess Oliver and she pulls me in straight away with each book. Instantly hooked :).

My favourite thing about these books are they are the perfect length. Each book gives the right amount of time and words to connect to each character. Nothing is rushed and it flows real nice. Details and the characteristics on each person are written lovely. I felt the emotions appropriately (I hope)  that the author was trying to portray. I especially liked that each main character had “quirks” and wasn’t your box standard good girl/boy.

While there are some real hardships in this book that do happen in real life (I wish they didn’t), I like that they are strong enough people to pull out and make themselves better. Its defiantly not all doom and gloom though. I giggled quite a bit at some of the antics that happen in the books, especially in Rett and Finleys story (even the animals have “quirks”). There’s hard and soft bits in the books (if that makes sense hehe).The intimacy in each book is perfect, It’s not over worked or cringey.

I also like that each book has both the women and mans perspective and not just all from one character. I find I tend to connect better to the characters that way. Its always good to see both sides of the story in romantic setting in my opinion. I did like reading the guys perspective in these books more then the ladies though. (not sure why, just did) !!.

If your looking for a nice afternoon read snuggled up with some chocolate and a cuppa then I recommend this series/book. Nice, easy and engaging read defiantly. Thank you Tess Oliver for always delivering great books. Peace out and huge love guys x

P.S Clutch was my favourite. He’s such a Viking !! (and yummy) .


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