The Boy Next Door (Soulmates#3) review.

Hey guys,

I’ve just finished reading The Boy Next Door by Hazel Kelly, and I’ve gotta say she has done it again. I’ve read a lot of her books and I enjoy every single one. (pretty please check her out if you haven’t already, sooo good).

So my thoughts. Firstly it held my attention all the way through. It didn’t drag or feel forced at any point. Each moment had the right amount of book space. Was the right length and it flowed nicely. Secondly, the characters in this book worked quite well. Everyone complimented each other. The book was from both Laney and Connors’ perspective and I adored both of them. No one character took over the book which sometimes it can get hard at that point to connect to anyone else so really pleased I got to enjoy every character. Lastly, the story line. A nice simple story line that was easily readable and likable.

Again please check out Hazel Kelly if you haven’t already. And thanks again for another great read. Peace out guys and huge love xxx





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