Bookish review

Hey guys,

So it’s been a few days since I posted my last review. I’ve been busy doing extra hours at work but managed to read a couple of books in between everyday life !! but this is a review for a book called Bookish by Olivia Long/Olivia Hawthorne.

I thought this book was an easy read but maybe not as enjoyable as I’d thought it would be. I didn’t feel connected enough to the characters. They seemed a little forced at times. (not quite realistic) not all the characters just a few I didn’t really like. It’s by far a bad book, infact I didn’t once think I didn’t want to finish reading it but I felt let down a little after finishing it. The story line seemed somewhat unrealistic also. Not saying what happened in this book cant/doesn’t happen in real life but some crazy mental people kept popping up and It was just one to many for me. Obviously I don’t want to give to much away about story plots etc but either I was just not feeling 100% behind this book or its missing something. I cant really say what it was to be honest.

Please don’t think this means its a bad book or not to read it. Some real good parts about this book. A few colorful characters, a few plot twists and its set up for a nice afternoon read with a blanket and a cuppa. I don’t usually like to use a rating system but if I had to with this book (basically I hate saying bad things about books so I feel the need to explain my self when write bad things) I would give it 3/5.

Check out this author for this book and others and spread the love guys. Thanks for reading.

Peace out and huge love xx







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