After review

Hey guys,

It’s review time, yayy !! The book being reviewed today is After by Anna Todd.

Firstly, wow. I couldn’t put this book down, unfortunately I had to for various house jobs (booo!!) but it brought back so many memories for me. I connected ‘hard’ to Tessa for various reasons. I went through her ups and downs all the way. Being young and in love is hard (being old and in love is also hard haha) but my emotions back then were all over the place. Feeling like I had to please everyone else instead of myself. Not knowing whats right or wrong. Tessa went through all this and more and I was behind her all the way. I also fell in love with Hardin. (he sounds yummy).

For me I understood that its two young people finding themselves and falling in love and making many mistakes (like you should) and growing and learning from each other. I didn’t mind all the twist and turns the story through out.

Lots of other characters in this book and I loved some and hated others. !! but everyone had the perfect role to play. I love when there is tension between characters. Adds more flavour to the book. Even with everything going on in this book it’s such an easy and thrilling read. Didn’t know what was coming in the next chapter and I just HAD to finish it. Without giving out spoilers PLEASE check out this fabulous series !! I will 100% be continuing on with this series and I can’t wait to share my next experience with you guys. Thank you Anna Todd for writing such a realistic, emotional and memorable read 🙂

Peace out and huge love guys xxx




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