After We Collided review.

After reading After by Anna Todd a few days ago, I instantly fell in love with the book, story and characters. I highly recommended reading that book and I will say the same for this book. Loved it. Was a lot longer but it had more story lines going on. I got a little lost a few times as a few things kept repeating themselves and the characters both making the same mistakes. I felt that how young they are was highlighted in this book by the quick reactions and assumptions made. (mainly by Tessa) sometimes it did get repetitive but a all round fab book. Cant wait for to read the next one, Eeeek. (reading 3 different books at the min so its on my list hehe).

More characters became a ‘main’ character in this book which added to the relationships throughout the story line. I adored Hardin’s’ mother shes lovely.

I feel something even bigger cooking for the next book, maybe more secrets. Ahh so exciting.

Please guys check out Anna Todd if you haven’t already and keep reading.


Huge love and peace out guys. xx



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