Damaged Hearts Duet Box Set

Hey guys,

So this was a random find while searching amazon and I thought i’d give it a go as it sounded quite interesting.

It included 2 books, ‘Flawed and Damaged’ and ‘Fears and Scars’by Emily Krat. I liked both books. Again, it was one of them easy and enjoyable reads for me. Story line was very clear, not to much going on to confuse you or ‘fuzzle’ up what was happening. (I might have just made that word up hehe)

I loved Elizabeth and Ryan. I thought the characters suited each other really well. The back and fourth between them was exciting enough to hold my attention. Miscommunication and misunderstandings between them were funny and entertaining. My heart broke for the poor things that happened in Elizabeth’s life. It didn’t stop her from becoming a strong person and refusing to sit down. I love how guarded Ryan is with his feelings except when it come to Elizabeth. I don’t actually think he over stepped his boundaries, I just think he is so consumed with making her happy that he makes everything easy for her. I don’t think his decisions could actually be classified as lies (but that purely my opinion). Plenty of ups and downs in the story and other characters to add ‘spice’ to the book.

Be prepared to be consumed into these books. You just HAVE to know whats on the next page. Thank you Emily Krat for such a little gem. Please read these books guys, I’m sure you wont regret it, I defiantly didn’t.

Huge Love xxx



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