Broken: A Dark Romance

So yeah this book happened and it’s changed my life !!!

I’m pretty much speechless. It doesn’t matter what I write, it wont give this the justice it deserves. You NEED to read this book. Its intense, heartbreaking, dark, sexy, dangerous, sensual, loving and full of emotions. It will warm from your head to your toes. (for many sexy reasons). It dazzled me all the way through. I was hooked and consumed within seconds of reading this book. I refused to put this book down (totally ignored my partner hehe) PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE read this book. I promise you’ll love it.

I’ve only just discovered Willow Winters but I’m so thankful I did. Will be reading the rest of her books soon. (list is even longer these days).

Again I cant put into words how fantastic this book is. If you want your everyday happily ever after romance you wont find it but what you will get is such a intense, dark and sexy love story that you will feel all the way through this book.

Check it out to understand my love for this book.

Huge thank you Willow for such a memorable experience while reading your book.

Peace out and huge love xx




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