Hunter review (wow).

Hey guys,
So firstly I just want to say I LOVED this book. Everything about it was perfect for me. The emotions it pulls out of you, wow. What beautiful characters. What beautiful stories. If I had to put one word to this book it would be ‘Bliss’, my bliss. Everything I love in a romance happened in this book. It isn’t a simple love. It had lots of layers, lots of emotions and lots of difficulties. It’s not your average good girl meets bad boy and insta love and Happily Ever After kind of book. Because its sooo much more.
This book consumed me. It pushed and pulled. It gave me highs and lows. I HAD read to the next page, I HAD to finish this book, I HAD to know how it ended. And you will too. It’s simply amazing. I honestly don’t know how else to tell you this book is Fabulous. My review wouldn’t give this book its justice so all I will say is, ladies and gents if you love an emotional love story PLEASE read this book. I can’t put into words how I feel about this book in one review hehe. It’s that good!!!!.
Please read Hunter (Broken Bad Boys 1) by Skylar Heart.
Huge love guys xxx
P.S I love Hunter (he’s sounds so yum).



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