Breaking Nova review.

Sorry guys been a few days since my last review. Huge apologies but I have still managed to squeeze in some reading while I’ve been busy.

Breaking Nova by Jessica Sorensen is AMAZING. I’ve read quite a lot by Jessica Sorensen and I love every single thing I pick up. I love this one as well. This story is gritty, hard, heavy and emotional. It pushes boundaries. Don’t expect a nice, easy and sweet story. It full of drugs, sex, depression and the main story line is a suicide and a car accident with lives lost.

I was hooked from page one. I instantly fell in love with the main characters especially Nova. Her story is utterly heartbreaking. Guilt, drug abuse, OCD and panic attacks rules her world. I felt her pain all the way through this book. Quinton’s story is devastating also. In fact this whole book is painful but in the right way.

You will instantly fall in love with this book, I promise.

Please read. !!!

Peace out guys. Huge love xx



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