American Bad Boy review.

Hey guys,

Its going to be a busy week for me but will still try and review a book a day at least, but will be short and sweet. This one is for the fabulous book, American Bad Boy by Eddie Cleveland.

I really enjoyed this romance. I liked how the love never went away for either of them even through time and distance. It wasn’t a complicated love (like love triangles, jealous ex, etc) Just a good old fashioned love/romance. Not saying it was easy for both of them, the army can effect someone in many ways and that is very much highlighted in this book. (in such a tasteful and emotional way). Plus another major twist (don’t want to give anything away).

I just found this book a real gripping story. It held my attention all the way through. Some hardships, up and downs, lots of different emotions, a few twists, slightly ‘gritty’ in places and rather a dark story in some ways but all in all a beautiful book. Had some major love going on for this book when finished and I’m sure you will also.

Please check out Eddie Cleveland guys, you wont regret it.

Huge love xxx




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