Fighting Destiny review.

Hey guys,

Its a new week so some new reviews to come. I had a crazy time last being super busy with various things but its finally calmed down and my life is back the norm. I did manage to read a few books last week (squeezed in when possible) but haven’t gotten round to reviewing them.

First up, Fighting Destiny by Shelly Morgan. I’ve only just discovered this series last week and fell in love with the first Rewriting Destiny and I went and fell in love with this book also. I fell in instant like with Toby in the first book and was pleased to see that this was his book to shine in, and boy did he. I find his character very likable and easy to understand. He is very protective of what he calls ‘his’ but I didn’t think he over stepped any boundaries. He does everything with grace and its heartfelt. I also liked Sara but maybe not as much as would have liked to. I cant put my finger on what it was but didn’t maybe connect to her as much. I just don’t know but something bugged me when it came to her but that is all personal. I still really enjoyed this book. Easy to follow, lots of drama and action, I love the whole MC gang. Abuse is highlighted in this book which abuse is never right in any situation but its written with emotion and careful consideration. I also like that it still has other characters involved in the books so its not all focused on two people.

Honestly just an all round perfect afternoon read. Will continue to read the rest.

Huge love xx



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