Dangerous Kiss review.

Morning guys,

Yayyyyy, it’s review time. I’ve done all my house work (yay me) even cleaning the windows – didn’t go very well hehe. And now it’s one of my favourite things to do. Think, write and speak about books. Reading them is my favourite 🙂

So, Dangerous Kiss by Crystal Kaswell is such a lovable book. I kinda did the romance *sigh* after reading it. It literally had everything you would want in a romance novel. Rock band, sexy guys, comedy, strong female lead, angst, grit, dirty (in the sexy kinda way *wink wink ), geeky (in places), drama, steamy and lots of emotions. Honestly I LOVED it. I think its simply a fantastic read to get your teeth into. I struggled to put it down, it just consumes you from the very beginning. Again ( I mention this alot in my reviews) it was an easy but enjoyable afternoon read me for. Slippers on, coffee in hand and wrapped in a blanket kind of story.

It may be a simple story about how Ethan and Violet  get a second chance for their love, buts its jammed packed with emotions and you feel them all the way through. I never really go into detail about stories and plots as I never want to give anything away ( i’d hate to give out spoilers) but this is a drama filled romance. I love all the Characters in this book all individually and for separate reasons. But they work and match so well together in a group. A certain character  very much interests me and I’m much hoping he gets a book (pleeeeeeeease).

If you’re like me and enjoy romance and sexy guys (yum) then I would highly recommend this fabulous book. Iv’e already set up my next Crystal Kaswell novel and I’m very much looking forward to fall in love with that book too. So thank you !!

Huge Love xxx



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