Been far far far to long!!

Hey guys,

To start, It’s been soooooo long since I wrote my last review. Weeks ago in fact. Honestly, I’ve been in a weird rut. I’ve mostly been re-reading from my book collection. I now have a GIANT list of books to read (it’s soooooo big and yes I still continue to buy more). I’ve had this thought in my head for weeks that because i’m re-reading them I cant review then again as such as it’s kinda cheating ( I have a lot of reviews on goodreads before I started this blog) but as my boyfriend pointed out, you don’t know about my goodreads account (if you even read my reviews) so you wouldn’t know my opinions. So it’s back to reading a book a day and my review (whether its a new or old book) . On that note ……

It’s actually a new book today that I’m reviewing, and ohh  *SIGH* what a book it is.

I purchased it on my kindle around dinnertime and finished it all in one go. Didn’t move out my chair unless it was to refill my coffee cup.

The Book :

Eleventh Grave in Moonlight (Charley Davidson #11) by Darynda Jones


I LOVED this book. Everything in or about it. I love her, I love this series, I love the covers and I LOVE the characters. Instantly fell in love with book one and have continued to love every single book. !!!!!!! I want this series to never end. It has everything you need. Comedy, drama, love, danger, excitement, twist and turns, laughs, tears, VERY hot guys and a kick ass heroine.

The book continues on from the others, so id advise to read the other 10 first (trust me you’ll love them) and the little novellas in between as they are just as juicy.

As usual I don’t like to give out the ‘blurb’ or much of the story line ( I want you to go read, explore and found out about it yourself) but please believe me when i say its jammed packed of action, sexy ( fan yourself ) moments, thrills and excitement. Never a dull moment in Charleys’ life.  And Reyes *SIGH* …. what a guy ( yum).

So please please please read this and the other books (she has written another series  ‘Darklight’ that’s also amazing).

By gosh shes did it again 11/10 🙂

Thanks guys, enjoy reading.

Huge love xxx





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