Lords of the Underworld Series

Hey Guys,

Last few days our internet has been down (booo) so wasn’t able to do any reviews but we are back up and running so today’s review is for the God herself Gena Showalter .

I’ve started Lords of the Underworld series again. I have read them before but I needed me some hunky guys with the touch only Gena puts in her books. Unless you’ve been living under a rock yourself you must have read these books.  If not, WHAT !!!!, please pretty please read them.

So book one is mostly the story of Maddox and Ashlyn, with the introduction of the other peeps. Its your bad guys vs sexy good (mostly good) guys with romance along the way.

You will NEVER hear me say a bad word about Gena’s books (hehe). I instantly fell in love with her writing, story lines, characters, covers and everything else involved. You will also NEVER hear me say a bad thing about this series. I’m that in love with these guys I tattooed the ‘butterfly’ on the covers of the books on my leg. This book opened a whole new world for me and what a beautiful place to be.

Maddox and Ashlyn compliment each other so well. I was totally with them through the ups and downs of this book. I like how its not ‘all about them’ and we get to meet the other ‘Lords’ and I like how its not all from one persons perspective. If you want a book full of action, excitement, romance, sex, bad guys and good guys, powers, girl with attitude but just as gentle, protective guys, supernatural, fighting and *swoon* moments then this has it all. Its an ‘insta’ love kinda book and you WILL want to read the next one and the next one etc. It’s pulls you in straight away.

Without giving up to much information, just read it if you haven’t already and if you have re read !!! 11/10 for this book.

My Gena shelf (2 large shelves) continue to grow. One of my top 10 authors, I LOVE LOVE LOVE her ! Check out her other books just as good.

Huge love guys xxx




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