Loving Jay.

Hey guys,

HOT …. Just want to get that out right now. If you’ve read this book you totally understand and if you haven’t you HAVE to get on it this minute. !!!!!

Billionaire’s Secret: Trusting Jay (Loving Jay #1) by Simone Sowood

Loved it. From the very first page it has you hooked. You fall deep into this book.

The book centers around Abbie and Jay and there ‘romance’. This book had it all for me. Wasn’t a moment of disappointment it was filled with the exact right amount of sex, romance and secrets.

Some of them sex scenes, *fan myself moment*.  I feel like my words wont give this book the justice it deserves. If your looking for a sexy romance then this is 110% the book for you. Plenty of swoon moments but still a dark edge to it. Not your everyday hearts and flowers kinda romance. Dirty bars, swanky hotel rooms and good old fashion bedroom sexy time is involved.

I cant say much else without giving much away but please please please read it. I’m even reading the second book tonight in bed and I have a huge pile of half read books to get too. I’m betting its going to be worth it.

Get it, Read it and Love it !!!

Huge Love xxxx



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