Dangerous Kiss review.

Morning guys,

Yayyyyy, it’s review time. I’ve done all my house work (yay me) even cleaning the windows – didn’t go very well hehe. And now it’s one of my favourite things to do. Think, write and speak about books. Reading them is my favourite 🙂

So, Dangerous Kiss by Crystal Kaswell is such a lovable book. I kinda did the romance *sigh* after reading it. It literally had everything you would want in a romance novel. Rock band, sexy guys, comedy, strong female lead, angst, grit, dirty (in the sexy kinda way *wink wink ), geeky (in places), drama, steamy and lots of emotions. Honestly I LOVED it. I think its simply a fantastic read to get your teeth into. I struggled to put it down, it just consumes you from the very beginning. Again ( I mention this alot in my reviews) it was an easy but enjoyable afternoon read me for. Slippers on, coffee in hand and wrapped in a blanket kind of story.

It may be a simple story about how Ethan and Violet  get a second chance for their love, buts its jammed packed with emotions and you feel them all the way through. I never really go into detail about stories and plots as I never want to give anything away ( i’d hate to give out spoilers) but this is a drama filled romance. I love all the Characters in this book all individually and for separate reasons. But they work and match so well together in a group. A certain character  very much interests me and I’m much hoping he gets a book (pleeeeeeeease).

If you’re like me and enjoy romance and sexy guys (yum) then I would highly recommend this fabulous book. Iv’e already set up my next Crystal Kaswell novel and I’m very much looking forward to fall in love with that book too. So thank you !!

Huge Love xxx



Threat (Blood Riders MC #1) review.

Hey Guys,

I randomly came across this book the other day through amazon suggestions when finishing a book. Never read anything by Tia Lewis before.

First thoughts, Hmmm sounds interesting so I gave it a read while I was in bed, -had just finished a book…….. I’m very pleased I did. 🙂

I was instantly consumed within the story. Instantly in love with the writing and characters. I HAD to finish it straight away (yes that did mean I didn’t have much sleep- totally worth it). If you enjoy your MC Romances this has it all. Bad boys, drama, romance, sexy guys, feisty women, secrets, and danger. I did feel a few elements in the story were a bit rushed and forced but it didn’t take away from a good book. If your looking for a intense but quick read this is it.

I liked reading about Drake, I found him gritty, sexy and dark but still had a gentler side to him. I found Nicole “Bree” to be daring and headstrong. I wasn’t quite sure if they matched well to start. Nicole had a tendency to judge a bit to quick for my liking but she did change her opinions quickly also.

Honestly, just an all round good romance novel. If I had to put it into a rating context I would give it a 3/3.5 out of 5 if that helps. Looking forward to the next one.

Huge love xx


Defying Destiny (Forsaken Sinners MC #2) review.

To start I just want to apologise for my absence lately. Been awhile since I did a review (boooo) but since my last review I did go on holiday and other life issues came along (also had a terrible cold) but I do think I can finally get back to reviewing more frequently – YAYYY.

The colder weather is in, slippers and bed socks are officially out and I’m camping out in my pj’s as much as possible !! I’m also still managing to fit reading in where I can. (I’d go stir crazy with my books).

This review is for Defying Destiny by Shelly Morgan. I’ve carried on with this series simply because I love them. I’m In love with the Bad Boys of Forsaken Sinners and the sweet girls (with attitude) that fall in love with them. These books are so satisfying to read. They have plenty of hot guys, attitude, romance, comedy, sex, drama, action, ups and downs and lovely ladies. Its an all round fabulous read to keep you up and turning them pages.

Getting a bit more involved in this book, I’ve had a soft spot for Louie since he was pretty much introduced. Something about him called to me more then the other characters. He seemed a little more human in some ways (cant really explain why). Also his protective side was the first thing that defined his personality for me and his pain. I felt it straight away weirdly. I hope you love him just as much as I did.

Harlow is a very complex women with many raw emotions. I again felt her pain and anguish from the get go in this book. She’s a women that portrays she has no feelings but feels everything twice as much and harder then others. I felt these two people are very complimentary to each other. I liked Harlow’s willpower and drive to carry on after everything she has been through. Both characters are beautiful and emotional.

Honestly this is a book to get absorbed into with a coffee, warm blanket and some chocolate. Haven’t got a bad word to say about this book, series or author. Loved it.

Read this series guys (still more after this one) !!

Again I’m sorry for my lack of reviews lately but promise I’m back on it.

Huge love guys xx





Fighting Destiny review.

Hey guys,

Its a new week so some new reviews to come. I had a crazy time last being super busy with various things but its finally calmed down and my life is back the norm. I did manage to read a few books last week (squeezed in when possible) but haven’t gotten round to reviewing them.

First up, Fighting Destiny by Shelly Morgan. I’ve only just discovered this series last week and fell in love with the first Rewriting Destiny and I went and fell in love with this book also. I fell in instant like with Toby in the first book and was pleased to see that this was his book to shine in, and boy did he. I find his character very likable and easy to understand. He is very protective of what he calls ‘his’ but I didn’t think he over stepped any boundaries. He does everything with grace and its heartfelt. I also liked Sara but maybe not as much as would have liked to. I cant put my finger on what it was but didn’t maybe connect to her as much. I just don’t know but something bugged me when it came to her but that is all personal. I still really enjoyed this book. Easy to follow, lots of drama and action, I love the whole MC gang. Abuse is highlighted in this book which abuse is never right in any situation but its written with emotion and careful consideration. I also like that it still has other characters involved in the books so its not all focused on two people.

Honestly just an all round perfect afternoon read. Will continue to read the rest.

Huge love xx


Rewriting Destiny review

Hey guys,

Sorry it’s going to be a short but sweet review today. Crazy busy this week so just fitting in reviews when can.

Rewriting Destiny by Shelly Morgan was full of emotions. It’s dark, gritty, powerful, full of ups and downs, unfairness and some real harsh stuff happens in this book. But it isn’t all gloomy. Love does shine through in this book. I like how this book ends and she seems to have found herself.

Don’t expect an easy storyline it doesn’t happen. Shocking moments and some life changing things happen but its still a powerful and beautiful book. I couldnt put it down and I have already lined up the next one in the series. Loved it. Read it then rate it.


Huge love guys xxx


American Bad Boy review.

Hey guys,

Its going to be a busy week for me but will still try and review a book a day at least, but will be short and sweet. This one is for the fabulous book, American Bad Boy by Eddie Cleveland.

I really enjoyed this romance. I liked how the love never went away for either of them even through time and distance. It wasn’t a complicated love (like love triangles, jealous ex, etc) Just a good old fashioned love/romance. Not saying it was easy for both of them, the army can effect someone in many ways and that is very much highlighted in this book. (in such a tasteful and emotional way). Plus another major twist (don’t want to give anything away).

I just found this book a real gripping story. It held my attention all the way through. Some hardships, up and downs, lots of different emotions, a few twists, slightly ‘gritty’ in places and rather a dark story in some ways but all in all a beautiful book. Had some major love going on for this book when finished and I’m sure you will also.

Please check out Eddie Cleveland guys, you wont regret it.

Huge love xxx