Kingdom Series Book 1-3

Hey guys,

I’ve been busy with either working, reading, cleaning or everyday life this week but today I have a MUST READ to talk about. I did actually read these 3 books by Marie Hall a few years back ( it was ‘insta love’) and really was in the mood to read them again as a few weeks back it was my birthday and as a gift from my boyfriend he got me the new, Alice Through the Looking Glass on blu-ray and it made me thing of the first book in this series and how much I loved it soooooo .. I downloaded it again on kindle earlier in the week and got reading.

Book 1 – Her Mad Hatter.

With that title you should have guessed what its based on. Yep, you got it. Alice and Hatter. I fell instantly in love with this version. Every little detail is perfection. Its grips onto you from page one and doesn’t let go the whole way through. Real turn pager. In fact I loved it more the second time round. (always think you read/see more the second time of reading a book) Sometimes when i’m reading and I love the book I feel like I rush read it, still take it all in but have to finish it to find out the ending quicker. Hehe. This book has beauty, grace, insanity, laughter, sadness, tear jerking bits, love, sexy guys and wonderful heroine. Alice isn’t your typical Alice (read it to understand) and Hatter is swoon worthy. The world in which this is based on sounds amazing and I want to live in it. (with Hatter of course) Honestly read it, enjoy it, fall for it and LOVE it.

Book 2 – Gerard’s Beauty.

This is kinda based on Beauty and beast (apparently)  with a whole new and different twist. It’s not that I didn’t enjoy this book I did but I have a soft spot for book 1 (and 3 ) so my vibe comes down a bit for this book. Still good and its jammed packed with funny bits, excitement, love, thrills, sadness and a hot french guy. This is the Love story of Gerard and Betty (who I very much enjoyed reading about ). Gerard is a bit of a sex scoundrel and got caught in bad way. He gets sent to Betty and she sorts him out, kinda. (in a way). Again, please read it and I hope you thoroughly enjoy it like I did.

Book 3 – Red and Her Wolf.

Again, it says it all in the title. This is based on Little Red Riding Hood. Again, I LOVE this book. Its quite a dark tale not your every day happy go lucky Love story. Ewan and Violet I think are so well matched. Both personalities are dark and dangerous. I love that it pushes the boundaries more then the previous two. Its filled with twist and turns, excitement, darkness, hate, light, love and two very head strung main characters. Without giving away to much of the story, its about there journey together and Violets growth as a person and a women. Read it, read it, read it !! and love it.

I will be continuing on to read more (for the first time) and I cant wait to discover what wonderful tales are inside.

Huge love guys. xxx